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We Are Knitters

WE ARE KNITTERS, a Spain-based company that’ll give you with everything you need to knit yourself an entire wardrobe. Why would you possibly want to knit a sweater when you can just as easily pick one out from a store? We have plenty of answers. Case in point: if all you do on your daily commute is cruise Facebook only to be tortured by status updates of your friends’ vacation photos, you should try knitting. If you need a distraction from the croupy toddler coughing next to you in the doctor’s waiting room, you should try knitting. If you’ve ever wanted to give the illusion of being “busy” to avoid awkward family discussions, or if you’ve ever felt the need to accomplish something tangible with your own two hands, you should try knitting. Not to mention, knitting results in an end-product that you can wrap yourself up in. Cozy blankets, sweaters, scarves, hats — all custom made to fit your freakishly long arms, oversized head, or what have you — are all yours to be had.

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